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Exceptional Software Solutions LLC takes pride in our support and services to our customers. The cornerstone of our company is integrity and quality. Please see what our customers have to say.

ESS LLC Services

Your company deserves industry knowledge when it comes to deploying Enterprise wide software solutions. Our professionals at Exceptional Software Solutions LLC are recognized as some of the best. See how we deploy our customer solutions.


Exceptional Software Solutions LLC is a proud partner of Exact Software. Exact is a robust enterprise wide software solution for manufacturers and distributors. Exact and ESS LLC offer solutions not only for today but also for the future.


Our partners or companion solution providers offer added value for enhancing Exact and other solutions. Our partners are industry recognized providers of solutions that offer enhanced functionality for your ERP and company.

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Service Method

How we will deploy our solutions.

There are really 4 key areas that Exceptional Software Solutions LLC utilizes as services delivery mechanisms. These methods are the cornerstones to how we view and conduct business with our existing customers and new customers. Again, it is our belief that sets Exceptional Software Solutions LLC apart from other ERP solutions providers and enables us to grow our customers' existing business as well as utilize our customers as reference sites.

Lead our Clients. By leading our customers, we instill the knowledge needed for them to be self-sufficient. Our customers develop the skill sets and capabilities to learn our solutions and thus a mutual respect is born if you will. This leads to trust which leads to additional needs for Exceptional Software Solutions LLC to help solve.

Transparency. In essence, this means we will show our customers what we do and how we do it.This alone creates a tangible difference as well as building trust with our customer base. We do this by:

  • Giving our customers visibility into what and how we are deploying, setting up and configuring the software.
  • Giving customers access into our customer portal to see the project plan and to leave us tasks to work on or respond to. This alone sets Exceptional Software Solutions LLC way ahead of other service consulting firms.
  • Our customers are involved during trainings, during configuration, and during support of existing needs ECT, which gives our customers a sense of ownership and also responsibility.
  • Our customers see there is transparency, and this gives a level of participation in what is created.

Organizational Expertise. This area deals with the way Exceptional Software Solutions LLC deploys services. It involves highly skilled specialists that work closely together with the same site and deliver value and expertise to the customer as one unit. During sales and during the kickoff of a new project, we stress the depth of knowledge of our experts. This creates value and in our opinion, is uniquely relevant to our organization. The fourth area we concentrate on is evolution of our deployment practices, service, knowledge transfer and sales, as well as internal tracking and business intelligence tracking. All of these factors play a major role in helping us better ourselves, our skills and our knowledge. In turn, this keeps our value high within our customer base as well as with new customers.

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC service mechanisms for helping our existing and new customers are innovative in approach and add the value and security our customers need. The approaches we take, as outlined, give our company relationships that truly are perceived as partnerships. Our customer understands the value of a team. The flexibility our customers have, when dealing with Exceptional Software Solutions LLC, underscores the needs our customers seek. We utilize technology, team, responsibility, customer involvement, transparency and honesty. This separates us from the competition and continues to leverage us as a partner within the organizations we service.

Professional Services

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team incorporates vast knowledge in Exact Macola ERP and proven skill sets in the manufacturing industry to deploy, deliver, train and help our customers improve their business processes so they can be more profitable. By leading our customers we instill the knowledge where our customers will be self-sufficient. Our customers develop the skill sets and capabilities to learn our solutions.

As stated our customers are sophisticated manufacturers and distributors who recognize what Global competition is demanding for and to their business. The customers that our customers provide goods and products to are as sophisticated and demanding and thus, technology is of utmost importance. We at ESS LLC understand this because we have been in the industry for so long that we have evolved as the technology and automation has evolved. Our methodology is complex internally but centers on the following:

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC is the definition of a solutions provider. Tod's team is always ready, willing and able to answer my questions and provide the service I need each and every time. They understand all facets of an organization's business process and how Exact Solutions, as well as companion solutions, will enhance those departments. I would highly recommend Exceptional Software Solutions LLC.

Drew Thompson CFO / Clarke Products

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC Team of Professionals

Tod - President

Tod’s back ground spans 22 years with Macola and Exact Macola Software solutions. The cornerstone of Tod’s skill sets are problem solving, business process assessment, business process improvement, and re-engineering of ERP solution needs.

Tod works hand in hand with company ownership, managers, users, and IT to establish their goals as it relates to technology improvement in order to recommend and configure a “best of breed solution” utilizing Exact Macola Solutions as well as Companion Solutions for Exact Macola.

Tod brings a compassionate, high-energy skill level to project management as well as a result driven attitude to all initiatives for customers as well as ESS LLC eco-system.

Vision, determination, quality, and a partnership philosophy are the principles of Tod’s company, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC.

Hugh- Senior Consultant

Hugh is responsible for helping customers to learn about their businesses, helping them use software to achieve their goals, and to help them to provide solutions for the business issues that they have.

Hugh will use his 27 years of experience to help the customer to discover the unique aspects of each customer’s business process and their goals for improvement, communicating how the software will help with those improvements, training their staff on effective use of the software, and supporting them if problems are encountered once they start using it. Finally, Hugh will provide solid solutions to solve the areas of need that companies have with the using the software.

Proven, knowledgeable, and respected professional who has one goal which is to lead all customers to success through proper understanding of their Exact Solutions.

Patricia -Senior Consultant

As an application’s consultant for Exceptional Software Solutions, LLC Patricia’s responsibilities are to

1) Help clients identify business process issues
2) Determine effective solutions to those problems
3) Provide project management and user training in the implementation of those solutions.

Patricia will use her 25 years+ of utilization of the Exact products, as both a user and consultant to perform client site assessments, solution evaluation and recommendations, documenting of implemented solutions, and educating users in management practices and software utilization.

A knowledgeable, results driven, and compassionate teacher of the Exact Macola solution who has but one goal: Satisfied customers for ESS LLC

Frank-Senior Consultant

With an international background and over 20 year Exact Software experience (mostly as consultant but also as end-user) Frank can assist on multiple fronts. From technical understanding of database to reporting tools, from business process redesign to end-user training. Frank's expertise includes Exact Globe, Macola ES, Exact Event Manager, Exact Synergy Enterprise, and various reporting tools. He has successfully completed implementation projects, and after completion he likes to maintain the relationship with his clients.

Franks diversified skill sets and knowledge as an instructor both within ESS LLC customer base as well as instructor lead course teaching enable Frank to relate to all level of end user training. A very knowledgeable senior level consultant as well as business process improvement consultant who leads through experience.

Leslie- Senior Consultant

Leslie started her lifetime with Macola Products in 1994 in South Africa, first as a user, and then as consultant and support specialist. Leslie has provided many customers over the years, with significant real-life insight into the realities of operations, and implementing complex and simple business solutions alike. Being able to approach an installation from the customers’ perspective helps provide genuine empathy with customers during this strenuous phase, as well as provide operational insights from past experience that may benefit customers when it counts.

As an applications consultant at ESS LLC Leslie’s responsibilities are to provide project management, implementation of the software, train management and end users. Help clients identify business process issues. Determine cost effective solutions to those problems. Documenting of implemented solutions, and educating users in best practices and software utilization.

Leslie is proficient in Project Management, Macola 10, Progression, Globe, Synergy, Event manger. Leslie has excellent knowledge in and SSRS reporting and SQL.

Nick- Senior Consultant

With an Exact Macola back ground spanning close to 30 yrs, Nick is a proven, experienced, consultant covering Exact Solutions such as Progression, ES, Synergy and more. Strong background in KnowledgeSync Event Manager, Crystal, VBA/Flexibility. Proven setup/installation skill sets as well as SQL.

Nick started his IT/Software solutions skills as an in-house Network Manager for a Motorola Chip Manufacturer before his entry into the Macola/Exact Macola consulting world. Nick proven capabilities with business process as well as his desire/tenacity for knowledge transfer for ESS LLC customers are tangibles that are well respected.

Nick’s determination as well as his knowledge enables ESS LLC customers to benefit from his experience. Problem solving, real world consulting experience, with a high degree of customer satisfaction drives Nick within all projects for ESS LLC and our customers.

Chuck- Senior Consultant

With over 25 years of professional experience in the IT field, Chuck’s level of expertise is an invaluable asset to the ESS LLC Team and our clients. His technical abilities and innovative thinking help our clients to not only solve all their technical issues, but to also design and implement overall improvements in their current setup. His skill set in Exact Macola Software related to installation and support, including Flexibility programming and custom Crystal Reports helps with a wide range of ESS LLC customers.

In addition to Macola, Chuck has been working with PC's since the early days of DOS, and currently works with Windows servers and desktop operating systems as well as Linux and Netware. Programming languages include Visual BASIC and COBOL. He also has experience with Microsoft SQL, HyperV and Excel/Access.

Don-Senior Consultant

Don is an ex-Controller who got involved in ERP early on, in the mid to late 80s. Don was first exposed to Macola in 1996 and has been working in the Exact Macola reseller channel since 1997. Don is well-versed in the core accounting, distribution and manufacturing modulus of Macola, with certifications in each. Reporting is one of Don's passions, and as such he is very knowledgeable on Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, the Macola Excel Add-in and Event Manager. Data conversions from legacy systems to Macola are also a passion and strength, but the biggest passion is helping customers.

Dana - Senior Consultant

With 24 years of experience in Exact Macola solutions, Dana has directed numerous enterprise-wide business solutions deployments through business process definition, development and implementation.

Dana is certified in Exact Macola Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing for Exact Macola Progression, ES and the Exact Online Suite and is highly proficient in Exact Synergy configuration, MS SQL configuration, Crystal Reports, iLynq Labor, Visual Planner and Exact Event Manager.

Renee - Consultant

Renee has a background implementing Macola both domestically and internationally and prides herself in working with end users to come up with the most efficient use of the software to meet the users needs. She specializes in front office functionality and is an expert at utilizing the Macola CRM suite to streamline business processes and ensure customer satisfaction. Her customer-centric approach reaches cross functionally to foster team building and ownership among users and has a passion for streamlining processes for all departments. Renee has a background in manufacturing and understands that communication and data visibility are one of the keys to success for any ERP system. Renee specializes in creating custom workspaces, dashboards, developing SSRS reports, and has a passion for training users.

Barb - CFO

A skilled financial officer who handles all day to day activity for Exceptional Software Solutions LLC. Barb’s experience in general accounting dates back 20 years which enables ESS LLC and our customers to draw on her knowledge as well as her interpersonal skills. Barb’s knowledge with Exact Macola Solutions covers 9 years with an emphasis in eSynergy.

In addition to the accounting side of her responsibilities with Exceptional Software Solutions LLC, Barb also is involved in research for consultants and sales through Exact Macola portal as well as industry toolsets. Barb also is involved in marketing for ESS LLC as well as her interest in local community volunteering.

Kimberley – Director of Marketing

Kimberley is an integrated marketing communications consultant with more than 15 years of experience super-charging marketing departments into revenue-focused digital business engines.

Kimberley holds an undergraduate degree in marketing from Georgia State University and an MBA from Myers University. She is an award-winning sales and marketer leader, a conference speaker, a pioneer in the field of marketing automation, and a former board member of the Business Marketers Association-Atlanta chapter.

Kimberley and her family are based in Atlanta, Georgia. When she isn’t living out her passion for traveling the world (ask her what it’s like to ride an elephant in India!), Kimberley also enjoys spending time being silly with her godson.